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AXA Health Insurance

Global insurance brand
Present in 57 countires
No advance payment
At AXA network of over 400 hospitals and clinics nationwide
Single purchase
No need to buy a trailer with a life insurance contract
Care for your family
Offer a family discount
Eligible for tax deduction
Get your money's worth


Unexpected situations such as illnesses and accidents could happen at any time

and might affect your expenses and savings. AXA Personal Health Insurance allows you to live your life with a peace of mind. Our plans are designed to meet your needs at different stages of your life with reasonable price. Benefits such as surgery, both in- and out-patient are just some of the features of our health insurance plans. We also offer an extensive network of leading hospitals and clinics nationwide.

As the current situation of COVID-19 outbreak, AXA is delighted to offer Telehealth Service for AXA Health Customers who have OPD benefit to meet a doctor online without advance payment and get your medication delivered to your home in Bangkok area.


AXA Health Insurance includes medical coverage for COVID-19 ✔

except AXA SmartCare Cancer and Tropical Disease Insurance

1) Global insurance brand which presents in 57 countries worldwide

2) No advanced payment at AXA network of over 400 hospitals and clinics nationwide Click here to find our network hospitals

3) No need to buy a trailer with a life insurance contract

4) Offer a family discount

5) Eligible for tax deduction

6) Offer Telehealth for AXA Health Customers to meet a doctor online without advance payment

Yes, customers will receive coverage for the treatment of COVID-19 except AXA SmartCare Cancer and Tropical Disease Insurance. The coverage will depend on the terms of the policy.

AXA Health Insurance has a coverage period of 1 year after the given coverage start date.

Health Insurance Premium is permitted for annual tax deduction, depending rule on matters related to taxation upon the Revenue Department.

You don’t have to pay medical expenses in advance with AXA medical network. In case of out of AXA network, you have to pay medical expense in advance and then make a claim enquiry by filling a claim form, providing necessary documents i.e. medical certificate, medical receipt, other documents (if any) and send to AXA Health Claim Department. Click here for more details

In case you submit all documents and AXA does not want to request any information additional in consideration of coverage, your compensation will be proceeded within 15 days.

For Cancer Insurance purchase through online channel only

Promotion no. 1: Get discount 8% off for any plans (use code: CANCER8)
Promotion no. 2: Get Starbucks coupon up to 1,000 THB (use code: COFFEE)
Customer can also enjoy 0% interest with 4-month installment plan for premium after discount 4,000 THB and above. Please click here for more details.

If you are interested in our product or any further assistance, please click here or directly contact AXA Hotline 02 118 8111 on Monday to Friday 8.30-18.30, Saturday 9.00-18.00 (Unavailable on Sunday and official holidays).

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