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  • Total compensation in the event of claim with maximum sum insured of 900,000 THB
  • Cover any stage of cancer
  • Extension to cover skin cancer, 20% of sum insured
  • No medical check-up required
  • Get policy via email and get insured instantly when purchasing online
  • You can get up to 25,000 THB tax deduction, depending rule on matters related to taxation upon the Revenue Department
  • Insured Thai Nationals aged between 15 days - 59 years old
  • Free! coverage for unlimited unmarried children aged 15 days - 22 years old for the family plan
  • 30 days grace period for premium payment on the year of renewal

Dealing with Cancer at All Stages with affordable premium starting at 3 Baht/day


Table of Cancer Insurance Benefits

Coverage (Baht) Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

ประกันมะเร็ง Lump sum payment in the event of claim




ประกันมะเร็ง Extension to cover skin cancer, 20% of sum insured




Starting premium

825 Baht/year
(≈ 3 Baht/day)

2,060 Baht/year
(≈ 6 Baht/day)

3,090 Baht/year
(≈ 9 Baht/day)

Policy Exclusions

1. Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS related conditions Positive Blood Test, and/or Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
2. Pre-existing condition of cancer
3. Cancer diagnosed or discovered in the first 90 days of the initial policy year


Terms and conditions of coverage and underwriting as specified by AXA, the Insured should understand before making the decision.


AXA Smart Care Cancer Insurance,

helps you to better handle a critical disease such as cancer. We will be your assistance from the very first day should you diagnosed with cancer. AXA Smart Care Cancer offers maximum sum insured of 900,000 Baht, covering all types of cancer and all cancer stages. Registration is easy and no pre-medical check-up required.

*AXA SmartCare Cancer is the commercial name of Cancer Insurance. The insured can purchase maximum of 2 policies per person*

Cancer in Thailand

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Over 70% of cancer victims are from low and middle-income countries. Thailand’s Ministry of Health has identified that cancer is the number one cause of death for Thai citizens since 1998. The number of new cancer cases in Thailand stood at 336 per day or 122,757 per year while the number of deaths stood at 221 per day or 80,665 per year. The trend is increasing continuously.

(Source: National Cancer Institute and siamrath)