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How to Prevent Sports Injuries

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

These day people tend to play sports to serve the healthy trend. Sport is good for both your physical and mental conditions. Also, it allows you to meet new people, such as those who play football, futsal, badminton, tennis or join a marathon race. If you wish to play sports for a better health, you’d better be prepared your body and mind to prevent unpredictable physical injuries.

1. Warm up before exercise.

A mild exercise will help stimulate blood circulation and loosen your muscles. Warm-up exercise includes shoulders circles, shaking hands, arms and legs. Many runners, especially the newbies, skip this step and go straight to the racetrack, which results in a slower pace, stomach colic, faster heart beat than normal and uncontrolled breath.

2. Wear sportswear.

Always wear suitable footwear and other sportswear as needed. Elbow pads can prevent physical injuries. Mismatched shoes can cause pains in ankles which may lead to a more severe case such as chronicle pain. That’s why it’s important to wear sportswear to prevent injuries. 

3. Be prepared.

Check yourself if you’ve had enough rest. Many people are sleepless at night, wake up in the morning for work and go straight to sport field in the evening, thinking that they are healthy. Indeed, lack of sleep can cause cumulative fatigue which may lead to fainting. If you feel tired, make sure you take some rest instead of working out.

4. Know how to play.

Basketball or football player might have experienced elbow attack or nose injuries. Knowing the right way to play, playing a fair game, practicing and having healthy body can prevent many injuries.

5. Don’t exhaust yourself.

People with illness such as diabetes, blood pressure or heart disease can also play sport only if they are aware of their health condition and don’t exhaust themselves.

6. Cool down.

After play sport, make sure you cool down your body by walking around to loosen the muscles. Cooling down helps get rid of lactic acid that causes pain in muscles. Oxygen in blood filled in your muscles can make you feel more comfortable, reduce your heart rate to normal and stimulate blood circulation.

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