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Motor Insurance Type 1

Our most extensive coverage for a worry-free drive.


  • Motor Insurance Type 1 with no deductible
  • Buy online in 3 minutes and get policy in email instantly.
  • Coverage for the people and vehicles involved in an accident
  • Cover fire, theft and natural disasters, such as Flood, Windstorm, Hail and Earthquake.
  • Repair at a dealership garage for a vehicle up to 5 years old, or at one of AXA’s network garages for a vehicle up to 7 years old.
  • Specify name driver / without name driver on the policy.
  • Save money by choosing a policy with a deductible 3,000 or 5,000 Baht (except Online channel)
  • Up to 20,000 per accident of coverage for standard, factory-issued accessories.**
  • Free! pre-insurance vehicle inspection.
  • Free! AXA Roadside Service 24-hour nationwide emergency assistance.*
  • AXA 4 U, New for old replacement for accidental damage on the following 4 items; Tyre, Battery (excluded electrical system of electric and hybrid vehicles), Lubricant and Coolant, Radio and Audio (installed by the vehicle manufacturer)

Motor Insurance Type 1 Full Coverage

AXA Smart Drive 1 To meet all your motor insurance needs and offers comprehensive coverage in 2022 for the people and vehicles involved in an accident not just you but the other driver and their vehicle as well include medical expenses, personal accident, and bail bond. This extensive policy simply gives you more, including AXA Roadside Service a 24-hour claim hotline, nationwide coverage, and repair at leading garages with superior standards selected by AXA for your confidence and peace of mind.


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Get a policy in email instantly.

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**Authorized motor online insurer by the Office of Insurance Commission**

Motor Insurance online is eligible for new customers or have not had any claims regarding motor insurance with AXA Insurance in the past 12 months.


Motor Insurance Type 1 Coverage:

1. Own damages – collision without third party
2. Own damages – collision with third party
3. Limit for property damage for the damage to property of third party which shall be legally borne by the Insured.
4. Fire Damage to Motor Vehicle, Loss of Motor Vehicle, Own damage due to Natural Perils such as Flood, Earthquake, Hail and Windstorm
5. Personal accident coverage, Medical Expense provided that such person is in, getting in, or getting out of the Motor Vehicle, Bail bond


Motor Insurance Type 1: Table of Benefits

Coverage Limit of Liability (THB)

Third Party Lliability

Bodily injury (Over maximum limit of compulsory motor insurance only)/Person


Bodily injury (Over maximum limit of compulsory motor insurance only)/Accident


Limit for property damage/Accident*


Own Damage Coverage

Own Damage Sum Insured

Follow Sum Insured

Fire and Theft

Follow Sum Insured

Own damage due to Natural Perils such as Flood, Earthquake, Hail and Windstrom

Follow Sum Insured

Additional Coverage

Personal Accident


Medical Expense


Bail Bond



No Deductible or choose deductible 3,000 or 5,000 THB**

*Limit of Liability for Pickup and Van = 2,500,000

**Online channel cann't choose decutible options at present


Recommended Motor Insurance Plan

AXA Motor 2+ Extra Safe

AXA Motor 2+ Max

AXA Motor 3+ Super Save


Terms & Conditions for purchase Motor Insurance Type 1 via online (Smart Drive 1)

1. The applicant wishes to apply for insurance with the Company and such insurance is subject to the insurance policy terms and conditions specified by the Company. The applicant hereby certifies that all the details given are correct and complete. The applicant agrees that this insurance application will form the basis of an insurance agreement between the applicant and the Company.

2. A full cover according to the insurance policy conditions will apply only after the car inspection is done by the Company’s authorized person. Prior to completion of car inspection, the Policy shall cover the damage to the motor vehicle caused by the collision of vehicles only upon the premium payment and subject to the Insured notifying the Company immediately after the accident and the claim surveyor has inspected the damage at the scene of the collision. 

3. In case the motor vehicle fails to pass inspection, the Company shall refund the full premium amount to the applicant subject to no claims have already been paid for any collision accidents

4. If the insurance agreement and premium payment have been made, the Insured may cancel the insurance policy by performing the cancellation process as stated in the insurance policy. The premium will be refunded subject to insurance policy terms and conditions.

**Accessories equipment

If the insured is unable to identify the accessory or does not notify the equipment coverage. This policy protects the equipment installed by car manufacturer or car dealers according to the actual value at the date of the event. For comprehensive coverage, any other additional accessories are covered up to a maximum of 20,000 baht/accident.

The company does not consider the insurance equipment. As follows:

1. Movable accessories include car front-facing cameras or satellite antennas for cars

2. Kevlar

3. Crystal Glass Coating or other coating is the same characteristic.

4. Mounting stickers include stickers for changing the car Wrap, with stickers for changing some car colors, stickers etc.

5. Steel roofing Frame Dry or fridge, except for the steel roofing frame. A dry or refrigerated refrigerator with a height of the car (excluding systems and refrigeration).


Terms and conditions of coverage and underwriting as specified by AXA, the Insured should understand before making the decision.