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Smart Care Executive / Plus

Comprehensive Health Insurance, First-Class service, Friendly price


  • A large number of hospitals and clinics nationwide
  • Outpatient Medical expenses (OPD)
  • Coverage for Inpatient hospital expenses, surgical fees, and doctor visit (IPD)
  • Outpatient Kidney Dialysis and Cancer Treatment
  • Coverage for Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Loss of Hearing, Loss of Speech or Permanent Disability
  • Cremation or Funeral expenses in case loss of life due to injury or illness
  • Emergency Outpatient Treatment due to accident
  • Additional pay (90%) for the excess amount of the basic inpatient benefits
  • Specialist’s consultation fees incurred by the insured before getting admitted in a hospital
  • Worldwide Accident
  • You can get up to 25,000 THB tax deduction, depending rule on matters related to taxation upon the Revenue Department


Illnesses and accidents. . .

are something that could happen without any warning, so always prepare yourself for the unexpected by AXA Smart Care Executive and Smart Care Executive Plus. Health Insurance that provides you with the maximum benefits at a reasonable cost from only 4,000 to 5,000 THB a year and you can rest assure that you will have the protection benefit per disability of 750,000 THB per year.

AXA can give you full protection from unexpected incidents like illness and accidents, including everything from medical consultant to emergency treatment. So enjoy the benefits from AXA’s Health Insurance and live your life to the fullest knowing that you are covered by the best insurance. You can buy health insurance and comprehensive insurance coverage now.

*AXA Smart Care Executive and AXA Smart Care Executive Plus is the commercial name of Smart Care Executive Individual Health and Accident Insurance

AXA SmartCare Executive

AXA SmartCare Executive Plus

Comparison table of AXA Health Insurance

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on Monday to Friday 8.30-18.30, Saturday 9.00-18.00 (Unavailable on Sunday and official holidays).