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Sabuydee My Home - House & Condominium Online Insurance

Protects your house and condominium with essential coverage


  • Cover building and home contents up to 30 million baht
  • Cover home contents for the actual loss or damage
  • Cover damage arising from fire, natural perils including windstorm, flood, earthquake, and hail
  • Cover damage of Plate Glass (Fixed Glass) Insurance
  • Cover for personal liability
  • Choosing period of coverage 1 Year or 3 Years
  • No deductible.
  • Easy to buy and get policy via email instantly

Protects your property with Sabuydee My Home, House & Condominium Insurance

Every house and condominium ought to be protected. Protect your home inside and combined Buildings and Contents with AXA Sabuydee My Home Online, We provide full coverage to damage to the building (including plate glass) and home contents that use first loss coverage and pay the compensation for the actual loss but not exceeding sum insured stated in policy schedule caused by fire and natural perils. Coverage also includes personal liability within your property and No deductible.

No matter what you are a tenant, live-in owner, or long-term landlord renting out, you can purchase AXA Sabuydee My Home Insurance online and get an affordable premium starting at 1,100 THB/year for a house and 1,200 THB/year for a condo and receive the policy schedule via email instantly.


Sabuydee My Home: Table of Benefits

Insuring Agreement
Limit of Liability (Baht)

1. Fire

Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Vehicle and Aircraft Impact,Water Damage (excluding Flood)

1.1 Building (excluding foundation)

Average Clause shall apply in case of under-insurance

Up to Building Sum Insured (Maximum 30 million)

1.2 Home Contents

No application of Average Clause in case of under-insurance

Up to Contents Sum Insured

(5% - 20% of Building Sum Insured, min. 200,000 and max 2 million)

2. Natural Perils

2.1 Windstorm

2.2 Flood

2.3 Earthquake

2.4 Hail

Combined Limit of 20,000 Baht for all perils

3. Plate Glass (Fixed Glass) Insurance

Applicable only when Building (excluding foundation) is insured under the Insurance Policy

5% of Building (excluding foundation) sum insured

4. Personal Liability (Including Occupier's Fire and Explosion Legal Liability)

10% of Total Sum Insured

(Minimum 500,000 Baht)

Compensation is specified as detailed in the policy



General Conditions and Exclusions:

  1. Online quotations available for buildings constructed of concrete and steel only (More than 80% of the total wall area is built of concrete or brick.
  2. Not insure residential properties which are used as short-term rental (with daily or weekly rental lease)
  3. The company will pay for indemnity by replacement cost valuation
  4. First Loss coverage for loss of or damage to contents within a residential building
  5. Not insure properties in the 3 southern provinces of Thailand (Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani) and 4 districts in Songkla (Chana, NaThawi, Thepha and Saba Yoi)
  6. AXA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions including premium rate any time without prior notice

Exclusions examples:

  1. The damage caused by or arising from war, invasion, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, sabotage, revolution, munity, martial law
  2. The damage caused by or arising from any willful act or gross negligence on the part of the insured or any person acting on the behalf of the insured.
  3. Not cover cash, silver bar or silver ornament or gold bar or gold ornament or jewelry, consumable goods including portable computer i.e., notebook, tablet etc.

AXA Home Insurance Online cover to damage of both building (including plate glass) and home contents caused by fire and natural perils (We will pay the compensation of home contents for the actual loss but not exceeding sum insured stated in policy schedule.) including personal liability within your property.

Building refers to the building structure (excluding foundation) including walls, fences and gates of a house, townhouse, semi-detached house, condo, and its outbuildings, i.e., garages, servants house, kitchen, etc.

Contents refer to furniture, fixtures, fittings, tools, home appliances, electrical appliances and equipment, musical instruments, audio equipment, kitchenware, clothing, and other movable properties which is not specifically excluded.

The main type of contents which are not covered are such as silver bar, silver ornament, gold bar or gold ornament or jewelry, antique or arts worth more than 10,000 Baht, coin, money, business document, electrical appliances, all kinds of vehicles, consumable goods, portable computer.  For the full list of excluded contents, please refer to the policy wording

Sabuydee My Home has no deductible.

Under- insurance is when the amount of Sum Insured is lower than the replacement value.

The Average Clause will apply which means the amount of claim compensation will be reduced in proportion to the extent of under-insurance. E.g., You chose Sum Insured of THB 1 million when the building replacement value is THB 2 million. The extent of under-insurance is 1 million /2 million or 50%. If the building damage was for THB 1 million, you would receive only THB 1 million x 50% = 500,000 as claim compensation.

No application of Average clause which means there will be no penalty of under-insurance. E.g., You chose Sum Insured of THB 1 million when the content replacement value is THB 2 million. If the contents damage was for THB 1 million, you would receive the full THB 1 million as claim compensation. However, if the damage was for THB 2 million, you would receive THB 1 million as claim compensation.

The amounts of claims compensation is equal to the amount necessary to replace the property at the time and place of loss.

No, your property will be covered for the coverages where the sum insured/Limit of liability is stated in the Policy Schedule only.

Yes, you will be covered for your occupier’s liability for damage caused by fire and explosion.

Yes, the Insurance Policy will cover if the insured property is left unattended or unoccupied for not more than 60 days.

In case the property will be unattended or unoccupied for more than 60 days, please contact AXA to agree on the coverage terms before the unattendance or unoccupancy.

The juristic person’s insurance policy only covers for the common property.  You will need to buy Sabuydee My Home to cover your own property.

Yes, you can choose to insure only building or only contents, or you can choose to insure both building and contents.

The building sum insured in dropdown is suggested based on the floor area of your property. You can pick any sum insured in the drop down which is equal to the cost to reconstruct your property and all necessary incidental charges e.g., professional fee (engineer or architect) and debris removal fees.

The amount of contents sum Insured should equal to the amount of maximum probable loss or damage at any one time. e.g., if it costs THB 2 million to replace all the Content in the property but you believe that the most you could probably lose or damage at any one time is THB 1 million, you can choose the Sum Insured to be THB 1 million.

No. You should pick the sufficient sum insured amount for your property in one policy. In case the floor area is more than 750 sqm or the sum insured appearing in the dropdown is not sufficient, please contact AXA.

Yes, you can specify your bank as a beneficiary. Most banks will accept AXA Sabuydee My Home policy for the purpose of securing the loan. Please check with your bank for your specific case

Depends on the length of your rental contract. You can buy Sabuydee My Home only if your rental contract is at least one-month.

You will receive the notice to renew your policy via e-mail as you specified upon your purchase. In case you don’t receive any notice, please contact AXA.

In case you purchase your policy through an agent or broker, please contact your agent or broker.

In case you purchase your policy with AXA directly, please contact us using below methods

E-mail :
Phone : +66 2118 8111

Please send the claim documents to AXA for reimbursement with the address as below.
Address : Claims AXA Insurance PCL  414 Siam Patumwan House, Floor 25th, unit2511-1-2,
Phayathai Rd., Wangmai Sub-district, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

In case you have questions regarding your claim, please contact
E-mail :
Phone : +66 2118 8000