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Motor Vehicle Claim Form

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Reporting a Motor Claim and Claim Procedure

motor-2x-03 Notify the claim to any of the following channels:
motor-2x-05 Provide information of the incident along with other related data:
motor-2x-07 Follow the instruction provided by AXA Hotline agent and surveyor (if appointed)
  1. In the case that the third party is at fault of causing the incident, it is recommended to record the name and residential address of the third party driver (and witness if they are willing to provide) and provide them to the agent or surveyor once the claim is reported. However; it is to be noted that should the insured vehicle has 3rd Class Insurance Policy, the surveyor will only be able assist you/the insured at the scene and police station while the pursuit of claim to the third party will solely be done by the insured.
  2. In the case that you/the insured are at fault and caused the incident; if requested, provide you name and residential address to the surveyor or the third party and moved the vehicles if they are obstructing the traffic (if you accept being at fault). However, do not sign any form accepting any liability without the assistance and advice from the surveyor.
  3. In the case where there is no apparent/unclear party at fault causing the incident, it is recommended not to move the vehicle from the scene unless the authority have made markings of all vehicles involved in the incident along with a clear instruction to do so.
  4. In the event where the incident resulted with injury or casualty, it is recommended to seek medical attention for the victim(s) and immediately notify the authority of the incident. Do not accept any liability or reimbursement without the presence of the appointed surveyor whom will inform, assist and advice you of all related procedure.

The incident must be reported at the nearest police station with the information on the third party vehicle.

If your/the insured vehicle is impounded by the authority, it is recommended to request for a check list of items and properties left in the vehicle be recorded in the police report.

  1. Immediately report the incident to AXA Hotline at Tel. 02-2065488.
  2. Report the incident to the local police and The Royal Thai Police Centre for the Suppression and Prevention of Cars and Motorcycles Theft at Tel. 1192. For more information; please visit
  3. Claim settlement will be made within 15 days from the claim notification date made to the company* (the incident must be reported to and accepted by the authority [as stated in 2.] as written complaint)
motor-2x-12 Proceed with the claiming procedure by taking the vehicle to our preferred workshops or contact AXA if you are provided with a contact card/document.
  1. To return the vehicle to the state it was in prior the incident, all reparation should be done at our preferred workshop. However, should you/the insured prefer to have the reparation done at a garage of your selection, please provide us with the quotation to confirm scope of reparation and the expense before reparation. It is to be noted that the insured must make advance payment for all reparation done at non-preferred workshop on the pick-up date and submit a request for reimbursement along with all related document to the company.
  2. Please collect all belongings kept in the vehicle before sending it for reparation and have the workshop prepare a list of personal belonging and overall condition of the vehicle.
  3. Confirmation on the reparation should be done at a well-lit area and should you/the insured find any complications or incomplete work, please inform the workshop of your findings immediately.
  4. You/the insured can oversee the reparation process and should you find and complications in the reparation, please contact us immediately.
  5. In case that the insured is liable for any type of excess or deductible, the amount will be collected by the preferred workshop on the pick up date.
  6. Replacement basis will be considered should the damage parts are beyond repair.
  1. Fresh (Live) Claim & Appointment claim
     - Claim form/document.
     - Copy of Driving license or inspection form (with document as stated in the inspection form)
  2. Dry claim (Claim with minor damage and no third party)
     - Claim form (to be complete upon visit at our preferred workshop)
     - Copy of Driving license.
     - Power of Attorney along with signed copy insured and grantee identification cards.
  1. Claim Form
  2. Signed copy of the insured identification card
  3. Signed copy of the driving license
  4. Signed copy of Vehicle registration book
  5. Pictures of reparation process (prior, during and completion of reparation)
  6. Signed copy of bankbook
  7. Power of Attorney along with signed copy insured and grantee identification cards
  1. Bodily Injury Claims
     - Incident report.
     - Singed copy of identification card of the injured party.
     - Original copy of the medical receipt.
     - Original copy of medical certificate.
     - Settlement Agreement and Release.
  2. Fatality Claims
     - Incident report.
     - Copy of the deceased identification card.
     - Copy of death certificate.
     - Copy of Heir apparent identification card.
     - Original copy of the medical receipt (if any, prior to the death)
     - Original copy of medical certificate (prior to the death)
     - Settlement Agreement and Release.

*The company reserves the right to request for additional documents from any party involved in the incident for claim handling purpose

motor-2x-13 Settlement basis for Compulsory Motor Insurance (Protection of Road Accident Victim Act)