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Get free COVID-19 benefit

Get free COVID-19 benefit


SPECIAL OFFER for customers who purchase Smart Home or Smart Condo insurance today!

AXA pays for professional cleaning of your home when you or your family is confirmed as a COVID-19 case.


Terms & Conditions:

1. This campaign is only valid for the purchase of smart home or smart condo insurance on AXA Insurance Public Company Limited from 4 March 2021 onwards.

2. Limited of liability to maximum THB 8,000 any one period of insurance.

3. The policy effective during the coverage period and there is a confirm COVID-19 case at the Insured location.

4. The person confirmed with COVID-19 must be the Insured as stated in the Schedule or a Family Member or employee of the Insured who resides with the Insured. A Family Member means legal spouse, children, parents of the Insured and parents of the Insured’s spouse

5. This additional coverage can be claimed once during the coverage period irrespective of the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and the number of Insured premises covered under the policy.

6. The Cleaning and/or sanitizing service must be carried out by a professional cleaning company at the Insured location within a reasonable period of time from the date the person confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 (as referenced in the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration website) (CCSA)).

7. The claim must be submitted to the Company within 30 days from the date of confirmed COVID-19 infection by providing the following documents:

- The COVID-19 test report with a positive result

- Address proof

- Proof of ID and family/employee relationship

- Receipt of the cleaning and/or sanitizing service for the Insured location (with address and scope of the service stated)

8. The insured should clearly understand the details of the policy coverage and its terms and conditions before making the decision to purchase an insurance product.

9. AXA reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel the terms and conditions, details of this campaign without prior notice. In the case of any dispute, AXA’s decision is deemed final.


For more information, please contact

- AXA Customer Service 02 118 8111
- Facebook:
- Line Official: @axathailand