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Travel Overseas with peace of mind and get Starbucks e-Coupon up to 1,000THB.

Travel Overseas with peace of mind and get Starbucks e-Coupon up to 1,000THB.

Get Starbucks e-Coupon up to 1,000THB when using code GETSB21 and purchase Travel Insurance, any overseas travel insurance package can get it. Favorite promotion for coffee lovers from trusted global brand AXA.


Today - 31 January 2022 or until stock lasts.

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Terms & Conditions for GETSB21 promotion:

● This promotion is only valid for the purchase of international travel insurance with single or annual trip on online purchase via website of AXA Insurance Public Company Limited, during 01 February 2021 - 31 January 2022 or while supplies last.

● Every purchase used promotion code GETSB21 will automatically get membership and get 1 point for purchasing 1 baht, the membership is valid during 01 February 2021 - 31 January 2022.

- 1,000 - 1,999 points get Starbucks e-Coupon 200 THB
- 2,000 - 2,999 points get Starbucks e-Coupon 400 THB
- 3,000 - 3,999 points get Starbucks e-Coupon 600 THB
- Starting from 4,000 points get Starbucks e-Coupon 1,000 THB

● The Starbucks e-Coupon will be sent via e-mail after your departure date that registered in travel policies within 45 working days.

● Reserves 1 Transaction per 1 reward only. Cannot gather premium prices from other transaction to claim the right.

● Promotion reserves for eligible transaction and use code GETSB21 only.

● Insured’s Age 1-75 years for Economy, Plus-Lite, Silver and Gold.

● Insured’s Age 1-70 years for Platinum and Emerald.

● For all transaction joined the campaign, the company reserve the right to refuse any cancellation.

● The company reserves the right to withdraw the reward within 45 days after the completed transaction date if the e-mail is invalid (delivery failure) and the company has not been contacted by the customer.

● The reward under this promotion cannot be exchanged, changed to cash, or transferred to any other party.

● Terms and conditions of Starbucks e-Coupon are subjected to Starbucks company.

● Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any discount or promotion.

● The insured should clearly understand the details of the policy coverage and its terms and conditions before making the decision to purchase an insurance product.

● AXA reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel the terms and conditions, details of this promotion (including changing to any other prizes with equivalent value) without prior notice. In the case of any dispute, AXA’s decision is deemed final.

● For more information, please call AXA PHONE 02 118 8111 or


10 reasons why you should buy Travel Insurance with AXA

✔ Single Trip or Annual Trip.

✔ Premiums start from 186 THB

✔ Coverage up to 5,00,000 Baht

✔ Buy online in 3 easy steps.

✔ Get policy by email instantly.

✔ 100% refund if a visa application is rejected

✔ Advanced purchased up to 6 months

✔ Maximum purchased 9 policies per transaction.

✔ Global network's coverage

✔ 24-Hour AXA Hotline Service


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