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Long Stay Visa and STV

Health insurance for seeking long-term stay and short term tourist visa (STV) in Thailand


  • Complied with Long Stay Visa Requirements (O-A , O-X and STV visa type)
  • Entry Age Up to 70 Years Old and Renewable Up to 99 Years Old
  • Major Medical pays additional 90% of expenses exceeding the benefit limit under Hospital Miscellaneous Expenses and Surgeon's Fee
  • No Claim Bonus After Each Claim-free Year
  • Deductible option up to 50 % discount
  • Insurance certificate Submitted to the Department of Immigration


Frequently Asked Questions about Long Stay Visa Insurance

Q1: I will be applying for an O-A Long Stay Visa from outside of Thailand, do I need to buy another plan to apply for COE ?

A1: New member on O-A Long Stay Visa plan will receive two certificates
1. for O-A visa and
2. for COE* application.

Q2: Can I cancel the plan after my arrival to Thailand ?

A2: No, this plan is connected to the immigration system and the immigration department will be notified if the policy is cancelled.

Q3: I have an existing policy for O-A Long Stay Visa, do I need to buy a new plan ?

A3: No, you will receive updated certificates
1. for O-A visa and
2. for COE* application when you renew the policy.

Q4: My policy is not due for renewal yet, what do I have to do ?

A4: You do not need to make any changes to your plan now. The certificates will be automatically updated when you renew the policy.

Q5: I am on O-X Long Stay Visa, does this change apply to me ?

A5: The updates are only applicable for O-A and STV Special Tourist Visa holders under this plan.


If you are interested in our product or any further assistance, please click here or directly contact AXA Hotline 02-118-8111

on Monday to Friday 8.30-18.30, Saturday 9.00-18.00 (Unavailable on Sunday and official holidays).