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Long Stay Visa and STV

Health insurance for seeking long-term stay and short term tourist visa (STV) in Thailand


  • Complied with Long Stay Visa Requirements (O-A , O-X and STV visa type)
  • Entry Age Up to 80 Years Old* and Renewable Up to 99 Years Old
  • Major Medical pays additional 90% of expenses exceeding the benefit limit under Hospital Miscellaneous Expenses and Surgeon's Fee
  • No Claim Bonus After Each Claim-free Year
  • Deductible option up to 50 % discount
  • Insurance certificate Submitted to the Department of Immigration

*Covid-19 certificate for Thailand Pass or COE (Certificate of Entry) is an entry requirement to Thailand where coverage of no less than USD 50,000 must be available for the total duration of stay. Therefore, AXA will waive the standard 30 days waiting period for new business issued from 1st October until 31st December 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions about Long Stay Visa Insurance

Q1: I will be applying for an O-A Long Stay Visa from outside of Thailand, do I need to buy another plan to apply for COE ?

A1: New member on O-A Long Stay Visa plan will receive two certificates
1. for O-A visa and
2. for COE* application.

Q2: Can I cancel the plan after my arrival to Thailand ?

A2: No, this plan is connected to the immigration system and the immigration department will be notified if the policy is cancelled.

Q3: I have an existing policy for O-A Long Stay Visa, do I need to buy a new plan ?

A3: No, you will receive updated certificates
1. for O-A visa and
2. for COE* application when you renew the policy.

Q4: My policy is not due for renewal yet, what do I have to do ?

A4: You do not need to make any changes to your plan now. The certificates will be automatically updated when you renew the policy.

Q5: I am on O-X Long Stay Visa, does this change apply to me ?

A5: The updates are only applicable for O-A and STV Special Tourist Visa holders under this plan.


If you are interested in our product or any further assistance, please click here or directly contact AXA Hotline 02-118-8111

on Monday to Friday 8.30-18.30, Saturday 9.00-18.00 (Unavailable on Sunday and official holidays).