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SmartCare Executive Individual Long Stay Visa

SmartCare Executive Individual Long Stay Visa

Table of Benefits

Table of Premium (Stamp Duty Included)


1. Applicant has intention of applying for Long Stay in Thailand Visa first

2. Nationality from 14 countries: (1) Japan (2) Australia (3) Denmark (4) Finland (5) France (6) Germany (7) Italy (8) Netherlands (9) Norway (10) Sweden (11) Switzerland (12 ) United Kingdom (13) Canada (14) United States

3. Applicants must be aged 50 – 70 years old.

4. Full medical check-up is required.

Benefit and Premium Notice

1. Major medical pay 90% in excess of table limit for item 1.2 (Hospital Miscellaneous Expenses) and 1.5

(Surgeon’s Free without Surgical Schedule) up to the Maximum payable of section1, (except 1.6 Accidental Miscarriage)

2. Max. payable limit in whole policy period means the maximum sum insured for whole policy period not limit maximum

payable limit stated on policy schedule of the first claimant year.

3. Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Loss of Hearing, Loss of Speech or Permanent Disability (P.A. 2) Including Murder-Assault and driving or riding as passenger in a Motorcycle-as per the sum insured.

Premium is applicable for occupation class 1 - 3 only.

* For Renewal Policy only.

** Family discount will be calculated from the premium before Stamp Duty.

This document is not an insurance contract. Full details are specified in the insurance policy. For more details, Please see the details of coverage and exclusion in the insurance policy.

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