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AXA Introduces Seven New All-Inclusive Health Insurance Plans to Reinforce Its Position as Insurance Leader That Meets the Needs of Every Lifestyle

AXA Thailand General Insurance strengthens its leadership in insurance that covers all needs to match all lifestyles of customers by introducing seven all-inclusive health insurance products to protect, care for, and be there for clients at every stage of their lives.


Mr. Alexandre Keosayavong, Chief Health Officer, AXA Thailand General Insurance, said, “The fluctuating weather conditions and pollutants faced in daily life are two factors that can easily lead to the cause of sickness. Furthermore, today’s rushed lifestyle with risky behaviors done repeatedly for a long time might be a silent threat that impacts health without people realizing it. This may also fall under the category of dangerous illnesses that need to be monitored. Drinking sweet tea or coffee daily, consuming alcohol, excessively smoking, and not getting enough rest, among other things, are common risky behaviors among working adults aged 15 to 59. If no planning is made to fund medical care, the weight of expenditures may fall on both the individual and those around them.”

He continued, “As a result, many individuals who are conscious of the risk factors and adapt rapidly will become more aware of and pay greater attention to their own health insurance. There are many packages of protection and health coverage available to meet the needs of everyone, and they can create future peace of mind if that risk develops into a disease. Those who have the appropriate health insurance coverage do not have to worry and can live their lives with confidence.”


AXA Thailand General Insurance, as an industry leader who understands every requirement of the insured and pays attention to nearly every aspect of health, offers seven health insurance products that are affordable, flexible, and cover all risks. They provide support for a variety of diseases and aid in the monitoring of incidents that cause unexpected illness, allowing customers to live life to the fullest. They also provide the most complete coverage to all lifestyles, regardless of Thais and foreigners. The following are the featured seven plans:


       EasyCare Visa is a specialized health insurance plan for international residents of Thailand. Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of filing for a retirement visa (Long Stay Visa Non-Immigrant O-A and O-X) and a Long-Term Resident Visa. This insurance covers medical expenses up to 4 million baht per disease and provides full protection against illness and accidents. While obtaining treatment in any partner hospital in Thailand, no upfront payment is required. Customers can select the deductible amount that best meets their needs, lowering their insurance premiums. When enrolling for a family plan, it also provides a special family discount of up to 10%.


       SmartCare Essential is a health insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage at a low cost, with a medical expense maximum of up to 10 million baht per disease. It covers everything from doctor’s fees to emergency medical expenses. It also covers cancer treatment, both inpatient and outpatient. Customers have the option of purchasing extra coverage, which includes vaccination, health checkups, dental treatment, and eye care. Clients can choose a deductible level to lower insurance premiums and can renew until the age of 99.


       SwitchCare is a health insurance plan that covers all your medical requirements on a worldwide scale. There is a wide spectrum of pay-as-you-go coverage that offers more advantages than standard health insurance. Customers can opt to cover up to 30 million baht in medical expenses per year. There is also a family discount of up to 15% and a no-claim discount of 5% upon renewal if there is no claim in the insurance policy’s renewal year. Cancer treatment, both in-patient and outpatient, is covered. Customers can also select to cover medical expenses in Asia or anywhere in the world, except for the United States. This new health insurance plan is appropriate for the entire family as well as working people, including Thais and foreigners.


       International Exclusive is a health insurance plan that provides 24-hour customer care as well as medical and emergency assistance. It gives coverage everywhere in the world for peace of mind when traveling, allowing customers to travel confidently across the world. This policy covers medical bills up to 93 million baht. Customers have the option of covering medical expenses in Asia or globally, with coverage beginning immediately. Pre-existing conditions, health checkups, and vaccination costs are also covered. This health insurance is intended for customers seeking complete health protection both inside and outside of Thailand.


       Hello Health is an affordable health insurance plan that offers coverage for both accidents and infectious diseases from numerous systems. It is designed for customers and their families. It includes the “Telehealth” service, which is a video medical consultation platform accessible through a mobile application at any time and from any location, enabling simple and convenient access to health care without upfront payments. The Hello Health is simple to apply, requires no health questions, and can be purchased online. Protection begins right away. This package is ideal for both Thai and foreign customers who live in Thailand.


       SmartCare Cancer is a cancer insurance plan that covers all types of cancers at all stages, both invasive and non-invasive cancers. Skin cancer is also covered for 20% of the sum insured under the plan. When a patient is diagnosed, a lump sum payment of up to 900,000 baht is made immediately, allowing customers to prepare for treatment without compromising their savings for future usage. It is simple to apply, and no medical examination is necessary. Moreover, this plan also covers all unmarried children aged between 15 days to 22 years old for free, with no limit on the number of children for the family plan. This insurance plan is suitable for Thais of all ages, including children, adults, working people, and the elderly.


       Tropical Disease Insurance covers five of the country’s most deadly mosquito-borne diseases: dengue, chikungunya, zika, malaria, and encephalitis. A lump sum of up to 30,000 baht will be given immediately upon diagnosis. Benefits are provided even if you are just hospitalized for one night. It is simple to apply, and no medical examination is necessary. Children can also apply without the involvement of their parents. Available for purchase online, this insurance plan is suitable for all customers who live in mosquito-infested areas, providing peace of mind for everyone in the family to be protected from mosquitos.

“All of AXA’s health insurance plans are part of the protection designed to meet the needs of all of our target customers. AXA is committed to making an essential contribution to better health care and improving the lives of its customers. This is consistent with AXA’s commitment of offering high-quality products and standing by your side as a trusted friend, as well as generating solid backing and life safety for all policyholders,” Mr. Alexandre concluded.


Customers who are interested in AXA health insurance plans can visit the AXA website at Alternatively, check out the following channels for more AXA news and promotions:

-   AXA’s website

-   AXA’s Customer Service Center at 02-118-8111

-   Facebook

-   Official LINE account at @AXAThailand 


*Terms and conditions of underwriting and coverage are as specified by AXA, the insured should clearly understand before making the decision.